The project is rooted in the broader concept of family, meant as a network of loved ones and kindred spirits. Feelings, sharing of emotions, memories, the dream of experiences yet to be lived are the core of this reality.
The choice of the name focuses on the indisputable and utterly personal sense of family. To each of us their sense of belonging, their roots, their network of loved ones. To each their own personal emotional identity and their feelings, that are tickled by the olfactory suggestions proposed.
Perfume, universally recognized as the highest means for the recollection of memories, thus becomes an indispensable ally to narrate them or to stimulate new emotions. A fun afternoon out of town, a beautiful awakening in clean sheets, an important signature that changes your life, a garden where you can lie down and read a book.

Familia-Familia speaks a contemporary language and it destroys any reference to gender or role, building unisex scents, among which some are dedicated to children, thus emphasizing the idea of sharing. To each their own definition of family, their own network of loved ones and kindred spirits. For everyone, the chance to evoke them through perfume and to have the same scent of Familia-Familia, which can get them closer, with memory, to their own loved ones.

No set course, no limits for the creation of your suggestions. The names of the scents represent the titles for your personal stories, pages to remember, and blank sheets yet to be written with your own personal life.
Familia-Familia starts from memory, it evokes thoughts of the past, but it lives the ever-changing present, just like an olfactory pyramid built on a base (origins), heart notes (memories) and top notes (moving emotions).

Familia-Familia is deliberately repeated and arranged as one were a reflection of the other on a body of water.
Familia – the reality – and Familia – like a memory, like the future.
The double infinity symbol is the corresponding graphic sign of Familia-Familia.
The small inner rhombus evokes the shape of the kites, and it’s repeated three times like the tips of the crown in a painting by Basquiat. Artistic design dear to the founder of the brand.



Familia-Familia has its roots in the Italian territory and the Made in Italy concept characterizes and permeates the entire project. Olfactory identities strongly draw on elements from the land of origin and future collections will invite you to discover sceneries and landscapes of the Italian territory.

Although it doesn’t set any limit to contamination and to a borderless creative expansion, Familia- Familia seeks to involve Italian artists and artisans, who, belonging to a tradition to respect and enhance, represent a unique value.

The packaging layout is composed of a big golden frame with a design on the inside that is unique for every fragrance. The wish is to build a network of creative partnerships, leaving the artists free to interpret the scent, creating their own story suggested by the fragrances.
For this reason, an Italian painter and a photographer have been called to customize the packaging of the first four scents.

The showcases for the perfumes, made of wicker, are the work of an artisan from the heart of Rome, heir of the ancient tradition of artistic weaving.

The adults’ bottles stopper is made of zamak, its vertical lines are handmade and reflect the light creating plays of light.

The children’ bottles stopper has been adapted by Italian wooden toys producers.

The nose that has been involved is an Italian professional, capable of reading the Italian spirit of the project, without overlooking the valuable raw materials coming from the rest of the world.

The art director that will take care of all the artistic and graphic aspects of the project is Rosario Catrimi, of Sicilian origin, fashion and product designer, connoisseur of the perfumery sector, attentive to market needs thanks to his direct experience in Campomarzio70 sales.


Enjoy weekend, Family in Love, Wake me up and Deal have been realised by Luca Maffei. The development has seen a study phase by Claudia Ranieri who has indicated the olfactory and evocative guidelines, essential for the creation of the specific fragrances. The knowledge and art of Luca Maffei have been able to translate the elements presented into four fragrances. All four are different from each other and strongly identify the launch phase of the Familia-Familia brand.

Claudia Ranieri | Alessandro Roja

Claudia Ranieri, Creative Director of the brand, brings her attachment to Italy in the world of Familia-Familia. Since childhood she has had the chance to know towns and cities from south to north, living in 10 Italian cities before choosing Rome as a place dear to the heart. This is where she lives and works with her husband Alessandro, CEO of Familia-Familia.

Claudia Ranieri and her husband Alessandro Roia’s passion for the evocative power of perfume gives birth to this new project. After a long period of study and research, this shared passion brings them to develop and realize this common project, based on the idea of attributing a “suggestion” to every moment in life and transforming life postcards into scents.